• Test Code: ON155 (Male)
  • Test Code: ON156 (Female)

Test Description

Genome Health is analyzing genetic variants (SNV; Single Nucleotide Variants) which can increase the risk of developing disease through DNA in the blood and provides customized health management information. Genome health tests 44,45 types of diseases respectively in male and female.

Ordering information

  • Turnaround time : 9 days
  • Specimen : EDTA WB 3ml or Buccal Swab
  • Sample Storage : Refrigerated

Assay information

  • Method : NGS

*The disease written in blue is the disease associated with the gene needed to be managed intensively. The incidence rate of the disease increases massively even if just one variant is identified.

*The difference in the number of diseases between men and women is because Prostate cancer, Testicular cancer is identified in men and Ovarian cancer, Breast cancer and Cervical cancer in women.


The test results will be provided according to the designated TAT. Review the sample report to see how the results are structured.


We examine the genetic factors that may increase the risk of the diseases and provide customized healthcare information after analyzing research papers. Be aware that this examination is not relevant to disease diagnosis. To diagnose and treat a disease, consult with a physician is necessary.

  • Genome Health should not be used for medical diagnosis
  • Genome Health does not include information on environmental factors.
  • Genome Health does not examine all variants related to diseases.
  • The more detected risk alleles do not necessarily mean that you will develop the corresponding disease.

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