We recognize the significance of the microbiome
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The Microbiome’s Impact on Health and Wellness

Considerations for Successful Microbiome Study

A microbiome study consists of three phases: design, experiment, and statistics. Decisions on each phase significantly affect the final results of the study.

The experiment exerts the most significant effect on microbiome study findings than study design and statistics. Microbiome studies are typically performed using 16S rRNA amplicon sequencing method. The results are represented as the composition and proportion of the microbiome in each sample.

The findings of 16S amplicon sequencing microbiome experiment can be affected by various processes from sampling, transportation, DNA extraction, PCR, sequencing, and BI analysis. A change to even one of these processes may significantly change the experiment results regarding the existence or proportion of microorganisms detected.

Government Research Project

Our Publication on Frontiers in Genetics

The association between gut microbiome and
hypertension varies according to enterotypes:
a Korean study

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