Government Project

By conducting various government projects,

we have secured a First-in-Class competitive edge in the field of clinical genomics

Liquid Biopsy

  • AI-based cancer diagnosis and prognostic test development
  • Development of liquid biopsy test to predict response of anti-cancer therapy
Advanced radiation fusion treatment technology development
4 years (’20~’23) $2 million
AI based Hepatocellular carcinoma therapeutic response prediction method development
5 years (’19~’23) $2 million
Liquid biopsy for prediction chemotherapy response in breast cancer patient
3 years (’19~’21) $2 million
Liquid biopsy for monitoring of pancreatic cancer patients
2 years (’19~’20) $0.5 million

Personalized Test

  • Development of test to predict drug responses and allow personalized treatment
Integration of artificial intelligence with RNA pattern-based HRD testing for therapy selection of ovarian cancer
2 years (’20~’21) $0.8 million
Development of Omics-based personalized anti-aging materials for joint
5 years (’17~’21) $1 million
Development of NGS diagnostic kits and algorithms to predict the response to statin drugs
2 years (’17~’20) $1 million

Korean Genome Project

  • Korean 100K Genome Project
Korean WGS analysis
1 years (’20~’21) $0.4 million


  • Development of microbiome-based hypertension detection kit
NGS-based diagnostic tool development for early detection of cardiovascular conditions using gut microbiome
3 years (’19~’21) $1.5 million

Basic Science

  • Korean 100K Genome Project
Korean-specific genes and biomarkers discovery related to motor neuron disease (MND)
5 years (’17~’21) $1 million

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