How To Order

Easy and simple way to reach out to GC Genome

Test send-out process

  • 1

    Local partner lab collects the samples from hospitals and regional laboratories.

  • 2

    Samples are transported through global courier channels to us.

  • 3

    Once we receive the sample, the sample is accessioned and DNA is extracted.

  • 4

    DNA is checked with rigorous quality control standards and sequenced,after which variants are prioritized by evidence.

  • 5

    Our team of medical doctors confirm and interpret the variants with the patients’ symptoms. The result is delivered to ordering institutions.

Guidelines for the test request

1. Select the right test for your patients.

Please refer to the test information on our website or download the catalog.
If you need for counselling, please contact

2. Collect the specimen and fill in the requisition form.

Material Requirements

Sample material must be labeled with Patient’s full name and Patient’s date of birth.

EDTA blood cfDNA EDTA bone marrow Buccal swab Stool FFPE slides G-Card
(blood paper)
(Roche & Streck)
i-screen O
Genome Health O
Genome Screen O
greenbiome Gut O
greenbiome P&D O
Pharmacogenetic test O
Telorisk O
GCG Women’s Cancer Panel O
GCG Hereditary Cancer Panel O
Hematologic Cancer Panel O O
Solid Tumor Panel O
Liquid Biopsy O
(Streck only)
SMN1, SMN2 del/dup O

** If you need to order sample collection tube, please contact
Available tube for ordering: cfDNA tubes, buccal swabs, blood paper

Sample Requirements

Specimens received that do not meet GC Genome’s requirements may be not start the testing process.

3. Send the sample and requisition form to GC Genome.

Use the fastest available courier, e.g. FedEx, DHL, UPS, or USPS
Label your content as ‘non-hazardous, non-infectious, human samples for examination
Let your account manager know the airway bill number so that they can keep tracking.

If you need any help for arrange for the pick-up,
please contact

4. Receive the results.

When your patient’s test results are ready, you’ll receive a notification email.
Simply log in to your online account to view, save or print the report.