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Genome Health

This test examines various genetic factors present in the DNA within the blood vessels that can increase the risk of diseases and provides personalized information that can be beneficial for health management.

– Genome Health(M)
– Genome Health(F)

Genome Screen

Screen all regions of the genes associated with hereditary diseases and provide medical guidelines.

– Genome Screen – Cancer
– Genome Screen – Hyperlipidemia
– Genome Screen – Stroke
– Genome Screen – Sudden Cardiac Arrest


Pharmacogenetic Test (PGx) examines specific genetic variants associated with the drug metabolism and can be used to predict the drugs’ therapeutic effectiveness, and potential adverse reaction.

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Analyze microbiome to evaluate risks associated with diseases and provide personalized lifestyle guideline.

– Greenbiome Gut
– Greenbiome Perio&Denti


Telorisk Test includes the examination of the length of one’s telomere indicating biological age and aging rate. It also provides personalized information that can be helpful for health management.

Why is genetic testing necessary for health checkup?

“ The genome contains genetic material and genetic information that govern various biological phenomena, such as height, eye color, and disease susceptibility ”

By analyzing the genome, we can identify variations in genetic factors that contribute to the development of diseases and provide clues about those diseases. This information can assist in making better decisions regarding individual disease prevention, management, medical interventions, and lifestyle improvements for better overall health.

The human body contains approximately 30,000 genes, and genes carry information that determines individual characteristics. Depending on genetic variants, recommended tests may differ as shown in the table below.

SNV analysis Full gene analysis

Examine certain gene regions (SNPs) which have relatively low correlationwith the likelihood of disease

* Tens of bases

Examine all gene regions which have high correlation with the likelihood of disease occurrence

* Millions of bases

Description – It analyzes the singe nucleotide variant that makes people vulnerable to the disease

– Relatively low association to the disease

– Relatively low clinical effectiveness

– It analyzes the overall mutation of the genes related to the disease

– High desease association

– High clinical effectiveness

Test Method PCR/Array/NGS NGS
Target Healthy individuals individuals with a family history of disease
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