Our Approach

Our Science endlessly advancing to
Empower Care and Inspire Cure

At our core, we strive to lead the way in clinical genomic diagnostics,
providing vital solutions to patients while pushing boundaries of genomic technologies.
We are passionately committed to prioritizing R&D driven by a mindset of patient-centered care and
the pursuit of effective cures aiming to discover impactful remedies for a wide range of conditions.

Extensive R&D investment generating robust growth
and breakthroughs in the long term

Operating Expenses Dedicated to R&D
Employees Dedicated to R&D
Published Papers
Patents for Original Technology*

*It is including patents under the review

Leading with Advanced Technology

We are at the forefront of genomic diagnostics, leveraging cutting-edge technology platforms.
Our dedicated in-house R&D team, equipped with expertise in AI and genomics, is revolutionizing the analysis of
complex genetic data, delivering unprecedented speed, precision, and scalability.


R&D Pipeline

Advancing Clinical Environment

Our research isn’t just about discovery. It’s about improving patient outcomes.
We focus on enhancing the clinical environment, developing solutions that enable accurate diagnosis,

effective treatment, and better disease management, making a meaningful difference in patients’ lives.

Focused Areas


We strive to make a difference by developing solutions
that enhance the quality of life for individuals facing cancer.

AI-based NIPT

Our relentless dedication in the field of non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT) aims to ensure healthier beginnings for expectant parents, making a significant impact in their journey to parenthood.


Our primary focus lies in the microbiome, where we aim to enhance well-being and combat disease effectively.

Rare Disease

We strive to enable a more complete story for rare disease patients with cutting edge genomic technologies.

Scientific Collaboration

We thrive on collaboration. Partnering with top-tier universities, research institutions, and life science companies, we amplify our scientific impact. By sharing knowledge and experiences, we unearth innovative ideas that drive our research forward.


Government Project