AI based NIPT

Empowered by AI, GC Genome’s NIPT Paves
the Way for the Future of Fetal Aneuploidy Detection

GC Genome’s proprietary NIPT-AI method published in Frontier Genetics uses innovative AI-based methods
to detect fetal aneuploidies or CNV (copy number variants) from a single blood tube.

With advances in next-generation sequencing technology, non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT) has been widely implemented to detect fetal aneuploidies, including trisomy 21, 18, and 13 (T21, T18, and T13). Most NIPT methods use cell-free DNA (cfDNA) fragment count (FC) in maternal blood. In this study, we developed a novel NIPT method using cfDNA fragment distance (FD) and convolutional neural network-based artificial intelligence algorithm (aiD-NIPT).

Four types of aiD-NIPT algorithm (mean, median, interquartile range, and its ensemble) were developed using 2,215 samples. In an analysis of 17,678 clinical samples, all algorithms showed >99.40% accuracy for T21/T18/T13, and the ensemble algorithm showed the best performance (sensitivity: 99.07%, positive predictive value (PPV): 88.43%); the FC-based conventional Z-score and normalized chromosomal value showed 98.15% sensitivity, with 40.77% and 36.81% PPV, respectively. In conclusion, FD-based aiD-NIPT was successfully developed, and it showed better performance than FC-based NIPT methods.

Our Publication on Frontiers in Genetics

Development and performance evaluation of an artificial intelligence algorithm using cell-free DNA fragment distance for non-invasive prenatal testing (aiD-NIPT)

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