• Test Code: ON092

Test Description

Greenbiome Gut analyzes the balance of gut (4 types) and the risk of diseases (9 types) through stool sample using NGS technology and provides a scoring system. With detailed interpretations and guidelines for each type, you can obtain information that can help with health management.

  • Greenbiome Gut Kit will be provided.
  • This test is for screening purpose, it is not a diagnostic test.

Ordering information

  • Turnaround time: 14 Days
  • Specimen: Stool 1g
  • Sample Sotrage: Room temperature (Max 7 days)
  • Method: NGS
  • Kit components: Envelope, Collection tube, Sticker x 2, Requisition form, Bubble bag for retum, Instruction
  • Test Process : photo replacement

Sample collection method

Assay information

  • Gut Microbial Balance : Intestinal microbial balance index Diversity index
  • Microbes related to 9 Diseases : Obesity, Colon polyps, Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), Diabetes, Cholesterol, Cardiovascular disease, Depression, Rheumatoid arthritis, Age-related macular degeneration


The test results will be provided according to the designated TAT. Review the sample report to see how the results are structured.

Methods of scoring

  1. As a final result, Good, Moderate, Needs Improvement and High Risk result is converted into the following scores.
    • Good (4 points), Moderate (3 points), Needs Improvement (2 points), High Risk (1 point)
  2. The implications in health are different depending on the content, more weight are applied to some contents when calculating the score.
    • Diversity (3points), Balance, Beneficial / Harmful bacteria (2 points), etc. (1 point)
    • Key probiotics for gut health is a sub-concept of the beneficial / harmful bacteria content and are not included in the scoring.
    • The examinee’s enterotype is classified according to his / her dietary habits and is not included in the scoring.
  3. The total score is calculated by summing the multiplied value of the examinee’s final result and the weight of each content.


  1. The disease risk provided by the test is not approved as a diagnostic marker by regulatory medical devices and is recommended for use as a health supplementary indicator only.
  2. Dysbiosis markers may vary or be added based on future research.
  3. Various factors, including genetic factors and lifestyle habits, can influence the severity of diseases, in addition to the gut microbiome.
  4. The scores may vary depending on the internal database structure.

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